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hello friends,
you all seem to be in such great moods. (sarcasm doesn't translate well over the internet, so accept it as inherent.)

It seems that when things start to make sense, they don't anymore.


I feel completely insane right now. also, I want to get drunk. it's been, like, ages. it's too late to get drunk now, also, ken is asleep and being drunk alone is neither fun nor healthy.

I've been playing guitar hero 3 for several hours. my fingers don't even type correctly anymore.

I'm bored.

umm... and also... no, there's nothing else.

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I think I'm pretty irrational.

Also, I'm watching Cowboy Bebop again. the last two episodes always make me want to cry.

And also, I might get a job at Michaels. Amber -- yes, that opinion survey is ridiculous.

the end.
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I'm heading out on a quest. I plan to walk into various establishments and ask, "Are you hiring?" in such an adorable, lovable way that they are forced to give in and pay me.


I don't have much hope. But... I'm doing it anyway.

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A toy store would be fun as well...

Some places in Los Angeles it would be fun to work at and why:

Cinefile -- amazing selection of movies, some of which are probably pretty hard to find elsewhere. Give me three weeks and I'd know more about bizarre film history than any normal person should.

Amoeba -- amazing record store. literally, records. and dvds and tons of shit. I'd get to know more awesome bands and also know when awesome people were playing shows.

Michael's or Joann's -- I like crafts and it can't be that bad (I'm looking at you, Amber, haha)

some random little movie theater like Aero Cinema -- uh, two words: Hitchcock marathon.

Pets, Naturally -- Hippie-dippy pet shop where I acquired my cat. They sell organic dog cookies, what more can I say?

I thought I had more than that.

In summation, I am still out of a job and getting really depressed and desperate on the subject. No one emails me back about the various production assistant jobs I've inquired about. There's one that sounds really cool that I'm still holding out for (I mean, it's only been like a day and a half, there's still hope.) which invovles being the assistant prop master. Hella sweet.

Also, I made SPACE BOX!

the end.
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I never get to be at any of the shoots we do. I always get sent out on an errand like a hour beforehand, a 3-hour errand. As far as I know, this show is funny. That's what I hear.

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So, it's 2 in the morning and I have to be at work in 7 hours and I've got a headache, but for some reason, I'm doing this because I am not tired at all.

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I just saw the episode of Futurama with my favorite line in it:
"I'm sorry you saw that, Fry. I usually try to keep my sadness pent up inside where it can fester quietly as a mental illness."

so good.

goodnight, maybe.

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I don't really have the time to truly update as much as I'd like right now, being that I am at work and only have this down time because I'm locked out of the studio until there is a break in shooting.

Ummm, so.... I've been in kind of a bad mood lately. I don't know why. Mostly when I'm at work, I guess. I don't really know how to explain it, especially without sounding bitchy. Just sort of blah, I suppose.
Also, I've been having really scary and/or depressing dreams lately. In one, I was being chased by some random dude who was physically abusing a random friend of mine, and I was trying to save her but knew it was hopeless and that we would both die. In another, a whole series of events happened, each one completely breaking my heart. Just flat out depressing, crushing events that (which makes it worse) were totally realistic in nature. Hopefully soon I'll dream about unicorns or something.

In other, better news, Ken and I got a cat. We named it Neko. This cat came to us by happenstance, and I personally think it's a cute story. We were in some random pet shop because they had a sign out front which read "Cats and kittens here today". We were playing with the kittens and thinking about adopting one, and the while the woman that works in the store is on the phone with a frantic lady trying to find a home for this cat. She had hit the cat with her car and taken it to the vet. The cat was totally fine, but she couldn't keep it and on top of that she was leaving the country in like 2 days ...

gotta go. haha work.

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what the fucking bloody fuck fuck is this shit?


yes. they've CLOSED MY FUCKING COLLEGE. (sorry, I know like 98% of the people who read this know by now.)

I'm so angry that I can't even describe how angry I am.

Well, I guess that solves my "transfer or leave of absence" dilemma. (how the fuck do you spell that word?)

I don't think I've said fuck enough times yet. FUCK.

god I hate you.