Brittany (wackywallflower) wrote,

here's a list:
-my car is dead. I have no intention to fix it. Anyone wanna buy an old ass non-functional car?
-Very shortly before my car died, I got a ticket for expired tags and "driving without a license" (which I had left at home). All I wanted was Taco Bell.
-I take the bus to school. I have to walk a lot.
-I lost my cell phone.
-I got a huge check from Antioch (financial aid refund, or something) and as soon as it clears most if it will already be gone.
-I think I really pulled something at Antioch. My leg still hurts.
-Lost is on tonight. That's good.
-I think I'm still behind on sleep from Antioch, too.
-I'm pretty sure something horrible is going to happen soon. I don't know what, though.
-I figured out a budget which allowed me to pay my bills, on time, and have $20 a week for food.
-I think I'm kinda depressed.
-I love old and possibly outdated pyschological testing material.

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